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Reformulate Attention


Increasingly, media is agitating our customers’ enterprise models, daring the fashion they have outstanding, accomplished values through digital media.

Our purpose is to reformulate how we reverse engineer targets, collaborate with customers, collaborators and external attention allies.

Our Media department is constituted of enterprise practitioners who delight themselves on feeling the full greatness and wisdom of media Eco-systems that push business results for mysterious brands. Attention media strategies often decline or succeed according to how fine the carrier-specific aspects have been mapped out and estimated for, making these circumstances thing we mind genuinely about. Attention Pushers care about YOU. The media unit consists of numerous disciplines, including attention planning, media purchasing, and Zen research, as well as attention reports, analytic, and the SNEEZZ technology.

Attention Hacking and Reverse Engineering

This means continually examining the attention status quo; With AP it is not black or white, it is both black and white. The pure yin and yang balance. AP executing to reinvent your life, business, and legacy; Acting to do everything differently in people communication, attention, and digital media. Every day, we are getting better and better.

The Attention Media Division (AMD) also has the extreme unfair advantage of operating alongside robust creative forces (Such as IMC Nation) and novel execution teams. By executing these ancient disciplines all under one house, we are prepared to solidly fuse artistic and business considerations in all attention media execution shots, ensuring buys are as impactful as possible.

“Attention Pushing” is another kernel notion that accelerates our purposes. The family is steadily appraising the entire spectrum of principles and Eco-systems (both established and arising) to ascertain where target traffic audiences may be under-priced to achieve. We are not sentimental about any distinct platforms or Eco-systems, and rather entirely aim to win the strongest digital execution desirable for businesspeople based on the fashionable marketing panorama.



AP’S mission is to Reformulate Attention.

AP creates greater business outcomes for customers through our mastery of media distribution union. Consistently at the peak of IMC Nation’s Global growing movement, we service clients in dozens of countries via a system of more than 100 talented attention pushers.

We are uniquely devised to merge strategy with master authority execution, to deliver united solutions for our customers.

Our AP network draws digital and attention professionals who are strong; who want to challenge what the best; people who want to be the kings of attention around the galaxy. We do not settle for the sky. There is no Plateau for our clients.

Encouraged by a rich legacy, AP has the wisdom, art, and influence to lead and grow the future of attention.

Attention Pushers.
Reformulate Attention.